“Leslie is special. When she opens her mouth to sing or to speak, her spirit leaps into the hearts of her listeners. She is a soul bursting with a love song for others.”

Richard Boldrey- Music Director at Northwestern University

“Leslie Newcorn has the voice of an angel- a versatile angel, equally at home with liturgical music and show tunes. I have heard her sing hundreds of times, and I’m always ready for more. She is a beautiful person, inside and out, and anyone planning a function that involves vocal music will be lucky to get her!”

Marianna Tax Choldin- Retired Professor

“It was a true honor and joy to spend two and a half years with Leslie Newcorn at Congregation Kol Ami. As the Executive Director, not only was Leslie my trusted colleague and friend, but she was also my beloved spiritual leader. Leslie has the ability to convey the spirit and beauty of any piece of music she sings.”

Larry Glickman- Executive Director

“Leslie has one of the most beautiful and expressive voices I have ever heard. She is able to communicate a lyric or the text of a prayer in a way that allows the listener to connect with the music. It is a joy to listen to her!”

Debby Lewis- Ritual Director

“As a congregant, I was privileged to hear Leslie Newcorn’s luminous voice on a regular basis. When my mother died unexpectedly, Leslie’s voice was my anchor, and since that time, the Yiddish lullabies she’s sung at various Chicago YIVO programs have had special meaning for me. Listen to Leslie sing Shalom Rav or A Brivele Der Mamen and your spirit will soar!”

Jan Lisa Huttner- JUF News Arts and Culture critic